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Thank you for your interest in obtaining a licensing permission from Jubilate Music Group.  Writers and publishers are dependent upon legal purchases of their music for their livelihood.  You are helping set an example by following the copyright law, thus helping assure the creation of new works for your use.

The word "copyright" or the symbol © indicates that a song is legally protected by the U.S. copyright law and is the private property of the owner. The copyright notice at the bottom of a song indicates the identity of the copyright owner.  For common copyright questions, click here.

We require all requests be made in writing via email or snail mail.  Please read the details of the types of requests below and submit accordingly to or to our mailing address found by clicking here.  If you have questions regarding your request which are not covered below, please email us.

NOTE:  Alfred Sacred and Alfred Handbell are separate from Alfred Music (as of January 1, 2016). Alfred Sacred and Alfred Handbell are divisions of Jubilate Music Group and all Alfred branded publications on this website are owned by Jubilate Music Group.  However, out of print publications do not appear on this website.  If you are not sure if a piece in question is owned by Jubilate Music Group or Alfred Music, contact us.  

Copyright Notice

Whenever words or music of any of our copyrights are reproduced for congregational singing purposes, on the page with the song, the author's and composer's name or names must appear along with an appropriate copyright notice. For example:

Words by John Doe. Music by Jane Doe.
Copyright © 2016 by Jubilate Music Group, Brentwood, TN 37024. Used by Permission.

Streaming, Podcast, and Print/Projection Permissions

Jubilate Music Group grants free permission to print choral music texts in church bulletins and/or projection (for the purpose of congregational understanding only), when the choral music containing our copyrights has been purchased in quantity by the church. The printing/projection of words to be used for congregational singing is illegal without including the copyright notice as indicated above. Most Jubilate Music Group anthems which have opt. congregational involvement include a separate congregational page for reproduction purposes, which includes the proper copyright notice.  Otherwise, all products include a proper copyright notice.

If your church is an active member of CCLI or One License the reprinting of lyrics in church bulletins/projection is covered through these agreements and no direct license from Jubilate Music Group is needed. However, under no circumstance do the CCLI or One License licenses provide for photocopying choral music.

Likewise for streaming and podcasts of our copyrights, if your church also possesses a CCLI or One License podcast/streaming license, the activities of streaming and/or podcasting our copyrights come under those licenses, as long as the usage(s) are within the context of worship. If your desired usage falls outside of that context, please contact us for a proper license.  Schools can contact School Music License for licensing options.

Reprint Permission For Permanently Out Of Print Items

Depending on the individual piece, when an item is discontinued from our catalog, there are two possibilities:

Permission To Record

If you would like to use a Jubilate Music Group copyrighted song on a recording of any type, you should request a Mechanical License in writing.  Please email your request to  Please include the following details in your request:

Other Permissions

The permissions listed below are additional permission requests Jubilate Music Group facilitates regularly.  Contact us at for more information.

Permission to Arrange 
Arranging or orchestrating a Jubilate Music Group copyright (or creating a new voicing based on an existing arrangement).

Non-Commercial Website Use
Displaying Jubilate Music Group copyrighted music on a website.

Synchronization Request (Record a Video)
Making a video in which Jubilate Music Group copyrighted content is included. This includes posting JMG content on YouTube or other Internet video platforms.

Master Recording Usage Request
Making an audio or video recording using a Jubilate Music Group existing listening recording or accompaniment track recording.

Commercial Use Request
Using Jubilate Music Group copyrighted material for commercial use.

Permission for Judges' Copies for Competitions
Request for Jubilate Music Group to provide complimentary copies for judges at upcoming competitions.

Thesis/Dissertation Request
Using portions of Jubilate Music Group copyrighted material for a thesis or dissertation.

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