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Right For You Orchestrations

 Right for You - Custom Orchestrations

We realize you often have unique needs as to what instrumentation is used to accompany your choir. You asked, and we listened! “Right For You Orchestrations” may be the solution for you.

For those Jubilate Music Group anthems which don’t come with the instrumentation you need (or any instrumentation whatsoever), we’re ready to create a custom orchestration to meet your specific needs.

Whether you need a single instrumental obbligato (such as a flute, oboe or clarinet), a chamber orchestra with 8 players or even a full orchestra (or anything in between), we’ll deliver a professionally-orchestrated (by a leading church music arranger/orchestrator) anthem accompaniment to you.

Pricing Scale:

  • 1-4 instruments: $89.00
  • 5-9 instruments: $109.00
  • 10-15 instruments: $139.00
  • 15-20 instruments: $209.00
  • 20 or more instruments: Call for quote

For example, you may choose a Jubilate anthem that has an existing flute obbligato, but you would like to add 2 clarinets. That falls under the 1-4 instrument price range since it requires 2 new parts to be written.

Or, you may choose a Jubilate anthem that has no instrumentation offered, and would like it orchestrated for a chamber orchestra of 8 players. That falls under the 5-9 instrument price range.

Orchestrations can be ready in 3-5 weeks (sometimes sooner). If you need faster turnaround, please ask for our “Rush Service” (additional charge applies). Call for more information for Rush Service.


Call Jubilate Music Group toll-free to order your custom RIGHT FOR YOU Orchestration

Right for You Orchestrations