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Faith Hall of Fame

Format: Book & CD
Voicing: Unison/Two-Part                                                                   

Children’s Musical

By Ruth Elaine Schram and Linda Marcus


This musical spotlights six Old Testament heroes: Abraham, Joseph, Miriam, Moses, David, and Esther.Versatile narrations (suitable to be performed by one child or many children) and optional dramatic roles will bring these stories to life and teach children that faith is the cornerstone of our lives.

Designed with great flexibility, Faith Hall of Fame features biblical narrations in rhyme introducing each inductee, followed by a song for each character. Optional present-day scenarios are also included, which can be used in place of or in addition to the biblical narration (i.e., present-day Miriam is a terrified pre-teen faced with her first baby-sitting job; present-day David is a small child confronted daily with the school bully).

Most of the musical is written for unison voices with only an occasional optional second part.

There is no better way for children to get to know the Old Testament prophets than in verse and song. More than just a musical, Faith Hall of Fame involves everyone, and is a perfect vehicle for children's choirs, combined Sunday School classes, Family Night dinners, or even a Bible School program.  (NOTE:  This is a non-reproducible musical, so one score is needed for each child, plus for director and accompanist).

"The flexibility of Faith Hall of Fame allowed us to engage our children and lift them up during a difficult time. It is yet another instance of how God can use our talents in ways we could never dream of!”
Julia Lathan
Charlotte, NC

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